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Despite being a nomad, my life looks pretty much looks like anyone else's! I make plans for the future, just like you. I dream about how my life could be, just like you. I hope to live a life full of happiness, just like you.

Yet, living a nomad lifestyle also means I'm always on the move. My possessions can fit in just one small backpack and my dreams are more about discovering new places, bonding with people I don't know about yet, experiencing a different way of life, tasting mouthwatering food with unknown ingredients and learning things I never tried before!

Although I prefer to go with the flow, doing all of this amazing stuff also requires a bit of planning, research and getting in contact with the right people. You might be able to get me in contact with someone who knows someone... Or you might be able to advise me on the best food in a certain country...

This page about my upcoming trips lets you know my whereabouts and is a shout out to all of you readers to help me when you can. You can drop me an email via


In September last year, my plans for 2015 looked something like this: The Philippines in January, Japan in February and March, Cambodia in April and in July I planned to be in Indonesia again. 

But then everything changed. My long term, random travel buddie Joel popped up and asked me to join him an a major, once-in-a-lifetime South America trip. I decied to take the leap and here I am, in Chile!

So this is the rough plan:

Dec/Jan - Argentina

Jan/Feb 2015 - Chile

Feb/March - Bolivia

March/April - Peru

April 2015 - Galapagos Islands !!!

May 2015 - Ecuador & Colombia

June 2015 - I have no clue ????

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