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Okay, I admit that I haven’t posted any new recipes for a few weeks but this is mainly because I've been busy... eating. In Penang, the culinary capital of Malaysia, everything revolves around food. It defines how people live here. End of story. 

I, therefore, happily partake, which has thus far not yielded a lot more recipes but rather a few more pounds! And the following recipe has certainly helped with that... So let's agree not to count any calories but just enjoy roti bakar kaya instead. 

This is one of the breakfast favourites (besides nasi lemak) and a real discovery for me during one of my exploratory culinary morning walks. A ridiculously narrow side street, half of it occupied by a food stall and the other half by metal tables and chairs. It's filled with dozens of locals and a few tourists. Orders are shouted and coffees are served at a furious pace. There is no way to get through, so after having managed to grab a spot, its all about staying put. 

I'm here, just like my temporary table partners and thus new friends, for roti bakar with kaya. Roti is bread. The milk-white, fluffy kind. Bakar means grilled in a wood-fired oven. Kaya is the local chocolate spread, but made from coconut. For those who like a double heart attack, you can also add butter. 

What you need: 
  • Toasted, white (!) bread. Ideally, toasted over a wood fire, but that might be a bit tricky on a Monday morning 
  • Optional: butter 
  • Kaya (see recipe below, with thanks to 'Singapore and Penang street food’; Tom’s cookbook): 
    • 300ml coconut milk, 
    • 200g sugar, 
    • 6 eggs, 
    • 2 pandan leaves (or vanilla sugar, if you can’t get hold of pandan),
    • salty water, 1 litre.
How to make it: 
  • Heat the coconut milk with the sugar and pandan, about 10 minutes Remove the pandan, add some salt and let it cool. Place in a bowl that fits on a pot (see below). 
  • Beat the eggs (white and yolk) and mix with the cooled coconut mixture. 
  • Bring the water to a boil in a pot and place the bowl with coconut on the pot. 
  • Let the water boil gently, stirring the coconut mixture occasionally. After half an hour you should get a thick, syrupy mixture (more liquid than chocolate spread). Otherwise, leave it a little longer. 
  • Once done, let cool in the refrigerator. Transfer it into a jam jar and your Malaysian chocolate is done. Spread onto your toast and hmmmmm, tastes like.... heart attack?! :-) 

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