Take me for a ride mister

A somewhat normal person would pee in his pants. Or at least scream out loud. If you don’t feel like going straight to heaven, the afterlife, the promised paradise, your next life or the other side, you just don’t do it. 

I thought it was particularly useful and practical. And for that price, I couldn’t get into a taxi, let alone go on foot. So there I go. I had just negotiated the price and I was already on the back of the scooter taxi. The man with whom I have just signed my death warrant handed me a helmet. For good karma?! I know by now that a helmet in Vietnam is nothing more than an aluminum pot on your head. Value: about 10 USD. Because you're worth it?

He starts the engine, accelerates and I almost fall off the back. My physics teacher has once taught me: a body at rest wants to stay at rest. I could not estimate the impact of her words of wisdom when I was 16 years old. Today in Saigon, I must honor her. 
‘Hold on tightly’ is clearly the message Schumacher wants to give me, so I do. When I spoke to him in the street earlier, he must have read 'I'm in a hurry' on my face. He races through traffic as if my life depends on it. Or not, depending on how you look at it.

We go grazing sidewalks, because there is too much traffic on the road. We drive through a red light, because we have no time to wait. He bypasses a traffic jam by driving on the other side of the road. It's nothing more than a kamikaze race. I hold on tightly. 

With somewhat clotted hair, I arrive for my appointment early. Alive and very much kicking! Adrenaline rushes through my blood and I remember why I'm so crazy about Vietnam.


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