Everything is going to be ok

Some people claim that I am the adventurous type. Whether this is true depends on your definition of ’adventurous’. I am not afraid to set off on my own, also when it comes to areas that would not necessarily fit into the ‘Standard Travel Destination’ category. Without any problems, I will sleep in a hut with cockroaches and eat something that could be categorised as ‘domestic pet’, but it usually doesn’t get much weirder than that.

A while ago, (actually about half a year ago already, but I am rather slow when it comes to publishing) I went on a trip that I would consider rather adventurous. Not discouraged by my lack of experience and knowledge I hired a scooter and went on a road trip in the north of Thailand for a few days (only towards the end one finds out how long that will take). The adventure was preceded by doubts (do I really have to do this?), a little fear (I hope I wont get mugged), and my mind saying “no!” 

But over the last months, during my previous travels, I realised that everything always turns out okay. Thanks to my companion, the road, I started trusting this. Out of gasoline? No problem, someone across the road is selling a litre. Flat tyre? No stress, we’ll run into a mechanic. No accommodation booked? No worries, there will always be a place to sleep. After experiencing these things, you simply can’t arrive at a different conclusion: Everything will be alright. 

I was lucky to learn this lesson before I screeched down the asphalt and the scooter died on me. A fantastic couple, Sakba and Mew, stopped and took me to their gigantic banana plantation in the beautiful mountains. And they did what the Thai do best: they smiled, took care of me, fed me and made sure that my only thoughts were: “Everything is going to be alright”.


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