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Just suppose you want to impress your friends with your cooking talents. We’ve all seen the thermomix’s and the espumas already. And that Jamie Oliver book is also old and tired; soooo 2000s !

How about preparing a couple of those NoMadBelgian dishes instead; a culinary tour through Asia right there in your living room! Which knowledgeable friend would say no to that? Count me in!

And then, of course, you make the recipe with the bacon and coconut milk. Nice and easy, because you can make it all a day in advance. And how cool would it be if you can tell them that you made the coconut milk all by yourself? Eat your heart out, Jamie! 

What you need:
  • You either start with a fresh coconut that you cut open (keep the juice inside separate or drink it right away with some ice cubes) and scrape out the flesh (not easy if you don’t have the right kitchen utensils)
  • Or: (and this is perhaps more realistic) you start with a 500g box of shredded coconut.

How to make it:
  • Soak the grated coconut in water for a minute.
  • Take a handful of coconut from the bowl and press it with your hands as hard as you can.
  • The juice that comes out is coconut milk, hot off the press!
  • Eureka!

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