Don't date a girl who surfs!

She’s the one walking around with a surf board under her arm, eyes focused on the ocean, looking out for the best waves. Her skin is kissed by the sun, covered with multiple tan lines. Her hair unkempt and colored by the salted water of the ocean. Her body tells a story worthwhile telling and listening to.

But, don’t date a girl who surfs. She prefers to get out of bed early to catch the best tide instead of having a steaming love session with you. That counts for afternoons too, as she will pass out from a heavy lunch and takes a nap to get ready for the next surf session.

Don’t date a girl who surfs for her beautiful silk-soft hair. It might be beautifully blond from the sun but also feel dry like straw from the salty water.

She will have a sun kissed but dry skin, full of rashes and bruises because she’s been trying a new trick during her latest surf session. You need to have a gentle touch in order to please her. You don’t like sun kissed skin? Too bad, cause she loves it.

Don’t date a girl who surfs because she’ll prefer to spend all her time on her board looking at the ocean rather than hanging out with you.

She will be surrounded by half naked, tanned guys with awesome bodies, whilst she is out there at sea or on the beach, which is pretty much all of her waking hours. She will be half naked, tanned and looking gorgeous too.

Don’t date a girl who surfs if you don’t like the beach. She will spend all her free time there, so that’s where you will have to be too. Don’t like sand between your toes? Just forget about her.

It’s likely your girl chooses a life of hunting for the best waves anywhere in the world, above a life of a steady job in an office. She will never have money to buy that house or go for an expensive honeymoon with you. Unless she can surf there, then maybe. But don’t forget, she will spend all her time doing just that.

Don’t date a girl who surfs, because you will struggle to buy presents for her she actually likes and needs. Besides her bikini, some sunscreen and her board she doesn’t need much else.

Don’t date a girl who surfs because she’ll be showing her boobs to… yes, those guys I talked about earlier. Waves are strong and bikini tops move.

Never date a girl who surfs, as she had to fight for the best waves, carry her heavy board all by herself and stand up against macho surfers once in a while. She’s independent and doesn’t need you to take care of her. Although she likes taken care off.

So never date a girl who surfs, unless you have the balls to let her go when she needs to.

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One word: amaaaaaazing!

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