Lost. Lost in the thrill of it all

From the moment I set foot on the ground, I felt lost. Completely disoriented. Everything seemed so different here, which in itself was not unexpected. I was some 10,000 kilometers from home (this equals five times the distance to Spain and back, and anyone who ever went down that road knows it is far!).

I smelled scents that were completely unfamiliar to me. I heard sounds that I had never heard before. I saw people in all colors and shapes, but none of them looked like me. The warm temperature, mixed with a high level of humidity was simply unbearable. Covered in sweat, I sat down on the cold tiles of a Hindu temple. My head felt dizzy. The only thought that emerged from my overheated brain was: "What the hell did I get myself into?", followed by a  physical expression of slight panic through my body.

I was lost.

A night and a day have passed. My panic now gives way to scarce moments of relative calm. I am beginning to find my rhythm in the chaos and torridity of this different world. Even more, I feel actually good and in my element. And then, all of a sudden, a revelation pops into my mind. This is it. This is where I belong. At this very moment of my life. This is the place where I should spend my time now. And it feels, God knows why, so right.

I was lost. 

All this happened one year ago to the day. More precisely in Malaysia, the first South Asian country where I set foot on land. The country where I realized after three days: “I am lost”. Since then, I have been searching my way in this part of the continent that intrigues me so much. Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, and Singapore. They all remain a mystery to me, although a corner of the veil has been lifted.

I have seen amazing places (as well as extremely disappointing ones), I have met inspiring  people (but also very annoying ones), I have developed new passions (and unjustly neglected old ones), I have enriched my soul (and impoverished my bank account), I have made friends (and had to leave them behind).

What will bring a new travel year? More of the same, more different things.

I am lost.

Even beautiful songs don’t last long: Lost – Frank Ocean

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