And then there was nothing

You cling. You cling onto a tree. Your 9 months old baby boy screams in panic and what you try to do, is keep him save in your arms. Don’t let go. Don’t let go. Don’t let go! Underneath you, dark swirling water, a ripping current. You never knew water could make such a terrifying noise. A roof floats passed you, a car, clothes, is that a … ? Yes, it is.

Panic overwhelms you. Where is he? Where’s my other boy? Where’s my husband? You look around, nowhere. You hope, you hope. And you hold onto that tree, holding your other son.

All of a sudden you see you’re next door neighbor. He’s an elderly man, who loves to chitchat with you on a Sunday morning, handing over a few tomatoes he has left from his vegetable paddy. He managed to climb up on his roof, no idea how. Your eyes cross and the only thing you see in his eyes is fear. The water is wild and bashes against his little hut, taking one part after the other. And you both know … he is not going to make it.

In the Philippines, there is a woman just like you. She lives her life, just like you. She loves her children, just like you. She has dreams, just like you.

She’s got nothing left. Not like you.

Share and help her, her children, her neighbors, her family. Donate to UNICEF, Oxfam, Safe the children, the Red Cross, Plan International. Support any organization that can make your money work!

And remember:
That 100 dollars donation will look better on you than that jeans we were going to buy with it this weekend!  

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